Would you like to participate in this project? First of all, AWESOME!

What I’ve learned from the overwhelming interest and excitement around our diversity campaign and this resulting community page is that our customers are craving more information, inclusion, and ways to communicate about our products. This project allows shoppers to see real women wearing ES - learn about their lifestyle, size, and experience with our garments - and hopefully make an excited and informed decision about their own purchase and involvement in this incredible community. It also lets us celebrate the inspiring range of diversity our customers represent

So, if you would like to be a part of this project by creating your own profile, just send the following information to and we'll set it up!

  • Your pet's name
  • Age and when you got them/adoption story (if you'd like to share)
  • Location
  • Breed
  • Their collar and bow size
  • Occupation
  • Images of your pet in Darling Dear Co accessories (you can include as many images/different accessories  - we want to see as much as you want to share!).
  • A short bio - tell us a little bit about your pet! What are their likes and dislikes? Special quirks?
  • A short blurb sharing what you love about Darling Dear Co accessories, or how they fit into your life.
  • Your social media handles so that we can link others to your pages to see more of your adorable pet!

This will become an interactive part of our site that I hope grows into an invaluable resource for women in our community. Sharing the inspiring, diverse, and uplifting stories of our customers is such an exciting prospect.