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Elevated essentials for your cherished pet


What if your pet's accessories could be easily be dressed up and down depending on the occasion? Slip on a bow tie or sailor bow, and be ready for your friend's wedding next weekend, and slide it off in seconds before your Sunday afternoon walk.

At Darling Dear Co., we create beautiful, functional day-to-day pet essentials that effortlessly transition to elevated attire for special occasions.





Designed and handcrafted in Canada


In today's disposable culture, cheap and replaceable is the norm. You should have the freedom to choose quality over mass production. From choosing each piece of fabric, placing each stitch, to wrapping, your product goes through the same two hands. 

Quality, versatility, and comfort are always on our mind when we design and handcraft each and every piece for you and your cherished pets. As a result, each piece is timeless, one-of-a-kind and to be admired for years to come.